What is Water Soluble CBD?

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08/02/2022 Scott

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Water Solubility is a high priority for us. We firmly believe that Water Soluble CBD is a game changer for CBD consumers. So far, we’ve been proven correct.

No matter what supplement you use, incorporating wellness into your daily routine should feel natural. So should the ingredients that you are absorbing.

CBD by nature, is not water soluble. CBD is “lipophilic”, meaning that it dissolves into oil. This is because the CBD molecule is an oil, and being fats, oils don’t dissolve into water.

The human body is made up of around 65% water. Therefore, conventional CBD oil products waste an alarming amount of CBD before truly reaching the bloodstream. This results in underwhelming levels of potency & together with the requirement for sublingual application, has been a key blocker for CBD consumers.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Water Solubility follows a process of breaking CBD down into tiny particles so that water can absorb it faster, and more effectively. This is a common process used in pharmaceutical medicine that is becoming more prominent with modern technology advancements.

Breaking the CBD down into smaller particles allows for a much faster absorption rate & for a larger amount of CBD to reach the bloodstream. This is known as maximizing Bioavailability.

Some modern research studies have suggested that Water Soluble CBD has a Bioavailability of up to 4 times higher than standard CBD.


The Science Behind the Magic

When CBD has been orally ingested, it takes the same pathway of digestion as anything else you eat. The process for water soluble CBD is comparable to other essential nutrients like Vitamin B12.

The water-soluble molecules absorb through the wall of the small intestine into intestinal cells, and then pass through to the liver. Fats & oils also travel to the liver, although this is often via a separate route known as the lymphatic system.

The liver processes many interacting molecules before releasing them into circulation around the body. CBD is one of these molecules.

The tiny size of broken down CBD particles means that absorption into the body is more receptive to areas like the mucous membranes and other key areas of absorption.


Did You Know? Oil soluble CBD is more effective when taken with food? If you are using CBD Oil, make sure you eat immediately before or after using it to maximise your experience.


How should I use Water Soluble CBD?

Unlike typical CBD oil, Water Soluble products are not taken sublingually, they should be added to food & drinks. Unlike CBD oils, Water Soluble CBD will not lose it’s potency when mixed with water based substances!

This gives consumers many more options for ingesting their CBD. Be as creative as you want by adding CBD into all of your favourite drinks without compromising flavour or potency.

Why not try Setyl Infusions Zenergy in a smoothie or protein shake? Zenergy is our 500mg tincture designed to support daily wellbeing, manage exercise recovery and sustain daily focus & performance.

Or how about adding Syrenity into some Chamomile Tea? Syrenity is our 500mg tincture designed to maintain a healthy sleep cycle, manage exercise recovery and support a sense of calm.

Send us your CBD infused recipe’s so we can share them.

If you choose to use water soluble products, please ensure you have access to 3rd Party Lab Testing to aid your own safety.