What are CBD Edibles?

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22/05/2022 Scott

What are CBD Edibles?

Explaining what CBD Edibles are, and their main benefits

What Are CBD Edibles?

The CBD market is rife, with a variety of different products available to a variety of different consumers. Some of these products include flower, vapes, oils. But one of the most popular ways to consume CBD is edibles. Consumers can often find themselves confused or unsure as to what CBD edible is ideal for them. So what are the best CBD edibles?

What Are The Best CBD Edibles?

Edible CBD is perfect for somebody on the go! CBD edibles are CBD in the form of a drink, or in. The primary benefit of this is that you can them throughout the day, at your ideal time & without having to measure. Convenience is key!

If you’re looking for a natural, delicious way to maximise wellness through cannabinoids then here are some top reasons to give edibles a go.

How many CBD Edibles should I eat?

This is completely dependent on the mg dosage of each edible. For example, Setyl Infusions gummies have varied potencies:

– Our Wild Cherry Gummies are 50mg each (high strength)
– Our Strawberry Rings or Apple Rings are 25mg each (medium strength)
– Our Vegan Domes are 10mg each (mild strength)

You be having a particularly sweet toothed day & want to eat more low strength gummies than less higher strength gummies. The choice is completely up to you. Alternatively, CBD has also been found to come in chocolate, coffee, honey, coconut oil & much more!

CBD edibles break down slower than using other methods such as water soluble products, oils or capsules. This means that the effect can usually last longer, but also take longer to notice. This is due to a slower & more gradual release of the chosen cannabinoid compounds.

If you really wanted to be creative, why not try adding our water soluble CBD extract into your cooking? Maybe infuse it into a chocolate cake?

What are the benefits of CBD Edibles?

Each method of ingesting CBD has varied benefits. For a quick impact, our water soluble range may be perfect for you. For a slower, more gradual impact, then our gummies may be perfect.

The great thing about CBD edibles is they fit so seamlessly into your daily routine. Instead of the hassle of trying to accurately measure dosage amounts using an oil dropper, everything is pre-measured. This makes it much simpler to integrate natural wellbeing properties such as mood balance, sleep maintenance & appetite regulation.


For more information about CBD, check out our FAQ. Alternatively, head over to our Shop to start (or continue) your CBD journey now!