Why do people love hemp products?

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31/05/2022 Scott

Why do people love hemp products?

Why do people love hemp and the products it can create?

With the CBD & medical cannabis industry skyrocketing over the last few years, there’s no doubt that consumers love hemp products. But hemp goes far beyond the health & wellness sector.

Hemp is grown for use in many other types of products. Some of these products include food, fabric, rope, other natural remedies, and much more. Different sections of hemp plant are used to make different types of hemp related products.

Hemp is generally grown around the world, although commonly sourced in USA, Canada, Europe & China. Just like CBD, strictness of laws can vary depending on where hemp is being grown & manufactured. For example, regulations in China are deemed less strict than Canada.

Hemp seeds are generally legal to ingest across the globe, and of course in the United Kingdom.

If you’re conscious of personal wellbeing & love hemp products, here are some great other hemp based resources to keep your health on track.

Hemp Seeds

Many people love hemp seeds They’re edible and packed with nutritional essentials that are vital for skin & heart health. These include fiber, Omega-3 & Omega-6 healthy fatty acids. Getting all of these nutrients within a western diet can be difficult so hemp seeds are a great way to tackle that.

There is a common misconception that hemp is the same as marijuana, and therefore has the same psychoactive properties. To put a long story short, this is false. You can read about this in detail via our blog post, breaking down THC & CBD.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

Is hemp oil, or hempseed oil, the same as CBD oil?

The short answer is no. Hempseed derives from hemp seeds only, and not the cannabis plant. It is manufactured by cold-pressing raw hemp seeds. Hemp oil, just like olive oil & other MCT oils, can be used for cooking.

Hemp oil is also popular cosmetics such as skin cream & hair conditioner. Many have reported benefits including reduction of skin irritation & treatment of eczema.

On the other hand, CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. For the effects to come to life, CBD needs to be combined with a base oil such as olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil. Find out about CBD in more detail here.

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Hemp Protein

Protein powder has been a mainstay in the fitness & health industry for a long time now. With people becoming more conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies, enter Hemp protein. Hemp Protein has become super popular as it contains many essential amino acids.

Hemp protein is a particularly popular choice for vegans because it contains essential fatty acids that can be harder to source from non-meat or dairy based products.

Integrating Hemp Products into your diet

The flavour of hemp can be described as a mild, nut-like flavour. Similar to sunflower seeds, the impact on flavouring will not be significant. There are countless ways to integrate healthy hemp resources into your daily routine. Here we’ve listed some of our favourites:

– Adding hemp seeds or hemp protein into a smoothie or blended juice
– Adding hemp seeds or hemp protein into porridge, oatmeal or cereal
– A dash of hempseed oil over your favourite salads
– Infusing hempseed oil into butter (or nut butter).
– Using hempseed oil as an alternative to olive oil
– Infusing hempseed oil into stews or sauces
– Infusing hempseed oil into cakes or other tasty treats

The list is endless, all you need is a little creativity & a cold, dry place to store your favourite hemp goodies.

So what are you waiting for?