Setyl Infusions was founded in the UK in 2020 after researching the beneficial properties associated with CBD following the formal legislation of CBD products in the UK in 2017. CBD was recommended to us as a natural alternative to maintain wellbeing and support day to day wellness. Since then we haven’t we looked back.

Through trialling a number of CBD products in the UK; we were immediately alarmed at the inconsistencies of the products available and the subsequent challenges that the industry presents. For this reason, we endeavoured to work alongside a network of leading industry bodies from the United States, where CBD and other Cannabis products are considered to be significantly advanced.

After an extended period of research, development & testing, Setyl Infusions have formulated our organically sourced ‘Water Emulsion’ with the support of expert opinions and leading industry technologies. Customer satisfaction and safety are paramount to our planning process. This has been supported through our relentless drive for high level compliance with industry regulations and ethical manufacturing practices, key contributing factors to delivering some of the highest quality CBD nutraceutical products available.

Co-founders Scott & Harry are active health practitioners with a passion for optimising physical performance & mental wellbeing through the natural resources provided by our amazing planet. This has undoubtedly been amplified with the infusion of CBD into our daily routines.

As certified members of the Cannabis Trades Association we are continuously doing our utmost to represent this industry with high standards. We ensure all our products are manufactured & tested in ISO accredited facilities. No product is made available for purchase before undergoing rigorous 3rd party testing through accredited laboratories to ensure we always maintain high quality standards.

Environmental sustainability is of utmost importance to us. We ensure that all of our outer packaging is biodegradable and recyclable, providing minimal threat to our planet. Our products are vegan friendly through confirmation of no animal harm throughout our manufacturing processes, whilst all ingredients are organically sourced.

We are constantly partnering with global charity One Tree Planted in support of their pursuit for global reforestation. For every order placed with us, we plant one additional tree in countries that need it most, including: Uganda, Brazil, Kenya, India & Vietnam.

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