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When it comes to CBD, we prioritise quality over quantity. We pride ourselves in supplying some of the highest quality CBD in Birmingham, and in the UK.

Setyl Infusions was formed in 2020 after trialling various CBD in the Birmingham area as a natural remedy to support daily wellbeing. After trialling various CBD products, we were alarmed at the inconsistencies in the industry. These inconsistencies have caused major challenges for the cannabis industry.

In our bid to tackle false stigma’s, we worked alongside a network of leading industry bodies in the United States & Europe. In these regions, Cannabis products are considered to be significantly advanced.

After months of trials and research, our mission has been to ensure one thing – maximise bioavailability.

Authentic Approach

After a period of gathering information from expert opinions & understanding leading industry technologies, we have formulated our organically sourced Water Soluble CBD. Water Soluble CBD in the Birmingham, and generally the UK, remains sparse.

Water Soluble CBD is designed to be mixed into drinks, instead of sublingually. Many CBD companies in the UK struggling to correct the important balance of potency & flavour.

Want to find out more about Water Soluble CBD? Read our breakdown of Water Soluble CBD here. Alternatively, check out our FAQ’s

Co-founders Scott & Harry are active health practitioners. We have a passion for optimising physical performance & mental wellbeing with natural resources provided by our amazing planet. This has been amplified with the infusion of CBD into our daily routines. Take a look at our range here.

Supplementary Background

Compliance & Sustainability

We want to represent this industry with the highest standards by supplying the best CBD in the UK. We ensure all our products are manufactured & tested in ISO accredited facilities. No product is available for purchase before undergoing rigorous 3rd party testing through accredited laboratories.

Customer satisfaction and safety are paramount to our planning. We have a relentless drive for high level compliance with industry regulations. Ethical manufacturing is a key contributing factor to delivering the highest quality CBD in Birmingham & in the UK.

Whilst we supply our CBD in Birmingham, we are constantly pushing for global protection by partnering with charity One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted are key players in global forestation. For every order placed with us, one additional tree is planted in countries that need it most. This includes: Uganda, Brazil, Kenya, India & Vietnam.


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