Balance, Clarity & Consistency

Zenergy is our range of vegan friendly, organically sourced and water soluble nutrition. This range is specifically formulated with a combination of organic ingredients. We recommend our Zenergy range to anybody looking to infuse Balance, Clarity & Consistency into their daily routine.

Setyl Infusions aim to optimise personal wellness with the benefits of hydration & premium nutrition. Our focus on water soluble nutrition is founded from thorough research. The human body is made up of 65% water. It is our firm belief that reloading our body with fluids packed with the power of natural, organic resources can ensure that we stay at our peak.

Each natural, aromatic terpene has been handpicked to provide its only unique benefit. These Terpenes are the driving force behind Zenergy. Each terpene is organically sourced through natural resources, primarily plants.

Terpenes for Balance, Clarity & Consistency

  • Limonene 
  • Grapefruit Oil 
  • b-Caryophyllene 
  • Eucalyptol

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Enhanced Bioavailability

Our leading technology allows CBD to enter the blood stream with up to 4x the strength of conventional hemp oils.

Faster Absorption

Our leading technology allows CBD to enter the blood stream in just 30 seconds. Conventional Hemp Oils can take up to 30 minutes.


Easily maximise hydration by adding the benefits of CBD into any drink (hot or cold)




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